About Jess

“To Create Beauty & Order in the People & Places Surrounding Me.”

Jessica Joy Abshire~Mililani, Hawaii

Almost a decade ago, I boarded a plane from my childhood home in the Midwest to set out on my first adventure, teaching middle school in Hawaii. Little did I realize the chain-of-events that small step out of my safe, little world would take me. Since that time, I have traveled to over 20 countries, been a volunteer, teacher, mentor and all-around humanitarian to people in poverty from all over the world. I have pair-glided off of the mountains in India and almost drowned surfing in Indonesia. I have learned another language and made family and friends from all over the globe. Here’s a small timeline of my past life:

In 2014, I quit my stable job of teaching at traveled to India to work with orphans in New Delhi. I spent the last half of my time in India living in a Tibetan Refugee Station and teaching Buddhists monks in a monastery in the Himalayan mountains.

In 2015, I moved to Kosovo, Western Balkans as a Peace Corps volunteer. Kosovo is one of the newest countries in the world and at the time a new Peace Corps country of service. I was assigned to live and work in a small village which had been previously wiped out during the ethnic-cleansing of the late 90s. I lived with a local family for 2 years, taught English and learned Albanian.

In August of 2017, I finished my service and moved back home for some well-needed R&R as I re-assimilate back to sweet home USA. I spend my days teaching, my evenings in beautiful places writing, reading, taking pictures, and swimming in the ocean and my nights making memories with friends.

In January of 2018, I will be moving to Washington D.C. to begin graduate classes at Georgetown University for Public Relations and Corporate Communication.